Cadillac's Sporty STS

The new STS is more than just an alternative to BMW or Lexus. It's a great car in its own rightwith a purely American attitude

Editor's Rating:

The Good: Sweet looks, available all-wheel drive, new V-6 engine

The Bad: Cramped rear seats, less-crisp handling than BMW and Lexus

The Bottom Line: Cadillac's sporty STS just got bolder and better

Up Front

One of the pivotal moments in the recent history of General Motors (GM) was the day back in 2001 when Chief Executive G. Richard Wagoner Jr. started looking around for the auto industry's next Robert Lutz to help infuse his company's products with more pizzazz. Wagoner famously decided that product czar Lutz, then in his late 60s, was himself the next Bob Lutz, and he hired the legendary former Chrysler executive as GM's vice-chairman. The Swiss-born Lutz, now 75, immediately started pushing GM to make more cars in the "I've gotta have it" mold.

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