Bad mileage = sales crash for Detroit

Bad fuel economy is crippling the US auto sector.

Could it get much clearer? Bad fuel economy is crippling the US auto makers. If this hasn’t sunk in among Detroit auto execs or Congessmen still debating the need to boost US mileage standards, it should now. June proved to be an abysmal month for Detroit, with shrinking sales across the board. For the first time ever, foreign carmakers sold most (51.9%) of the new vehicles in the US, relegating the overall domestics to a minority market share (see David Welch’s musings on this grim milestone here). A few days before these sales figures surfaced, I had news of a new study saying that US auto mileage ranks last among the world’s wealthiest nation. Maybe make that “dead last” if US car companies continue on this trajectory?

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