Scoble Takes Over Facebook

Blogger Dare Obasanjo complains that Robert Scoble has taken over his news feed at Facebook, with half his update listings belonging to the uberblogger and and veep at online video network PodTech. That’s because Scoble has something like 4,600 Facebook friends (myself included). In Facebook’s parlance, Scoble’s a whale. He’s sorry, but already there’s a new group on Facebook called “Scoble’s feed victims.” It’s “for all those who can’t see what any of their other friends are doing because they are drowning in posted videos, URLs, status updates, application adds/deletes, and other facebook notifications from Robert Scoble.” It has 23 members, including, I see on my news feed, a new member … Robert Scoble. Just can’t get away from this guy.

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