Make Games That Influence People

Can games have positive social value? Can they teach and inspire? Rusel DeMaria, of Prima and Game Consultants, thinks so

What is it about games from designers like Will Wright, Shigeru Miyamoto, Peter Molyneux, Sid Meier and Hideo Kojima -- to name an elite few -- that sets them apart? Certainly, there could be many answers to that question. For instance, they are original, creative, and fantastic game designers who execute brilliantly. And, something I think they also have in common is that they seem to take games beyond mere entertainment, providing us with something extra -- an added value, you might say -- on top of a thoroughly entertaining, absorbing and fulfilling experience. Perhaps we learned something new, challenged ourselves with complex puzzles in unique and imaginative worlds or experienced a story that moved us to consider our personal relationship with good and evil.

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