Can't Escape E-mail, Even On Holiday

A study shows 40% of people check their work e-mail at least once a day while on vacation. Others claim BlackBerry addiction

It seems a large proportion of people are unable to switch off from work when they're on holiday and should be relaxing.

With summer holidays in mind, the latest poll asked how often people check their work email when taking time away from the office.

A shocking 40 per cent of respondents said they check work email at least once per day while on holiday, and a further 14 per cent said they log on once per week.

A small proportion of respondents (five per cent) even admitted to checking their work email every hour while holidaying.

However, not all readers find it so hard to switch off: 41 per cent of poll respondents prefer to leave work firmly in the office and said they do not check their email at all when away.

According to research, holidays often take second place to the day job for a lot of IT managers, with many failing to take their full annual holiday allowance due to the demands of the job.

Some people have even become so addicted to using the BlackBerry mobile email device that it has acquired the nickname the 'CrackBerry'.