The Law of Referability

We have all been taught that the best new contact is one who has been referred by a friend or other business acquaintance. In my experience, it’s amazing the kind of business success that can be accomplished by following what I call the "Law of Referability." The Law of Referability follows Bob Burg’s golden rule of sales: "All things being equal, people will do business with, and refer business to, those people they know, like, and trust."

During the 28 years I’ve run Alexander’s Print Advantage, and during my 16 years as a member of the Utah state legislature, I’ve identified four key qualities that make up the Law of Referability: • Be on time. Don’t get to thinking that you are so important that your time is worth more than the next person’s.

• Do what you say you’ll do. When you deliver on your promises, customers, employees, and potential customers see you as reliable and dependable—somebody they can trust.

• Finish what you start. This adds to your credibility and shows that you are not a quitter. When you finish what you start, you show that you are focused, organized, and that your word is as good as gold.

• Be polite: People respect and respond positively to somebody who can effectively communicate expectations in a polite but firm way. Common courtesies improve morale, help diffuse bad situations, and build a good reputation.

Jeff Alexander Founder, President, and Chief Executive Alexander’s Print Advantage Lindon, Utah

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