Tabloid Vets Spotted At The Journal

This week’s column partially hinges on this notion: Murdoch’s patience for money-losing newspapers is based on his love for newspapering as things were, but not on serious investment in the way newspapering will be.

Along some slightly related (and slightly unrelated) newspapering-as-things-were theme, a tabloid vet passes along a quickly-compiled list of Wall Street Journal reporters likely to be near and dear to Rupert’s heart—that is, WSJ-ites who are tabloid vets themselves.

Martin Peers — New York Post (bonus points: also Australian. Possible reason for de-bonusing: has covered News Corp for the Journal) Greg Zuckerman — New York Post Peter Grant — New York Daily News Paul Davies — Philadelphia Daily News

I have the distinct feeling this is a very incomplete list, so please send along any additions/subtractions my way.

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