Branding: A Key to Your Success

During my 28 years in the commercial printing industry I’ve come to realize that branding is one of the most important components to any business, as it allows a company to forge its own distinct identity. Here are three aspects of branding to consider in creating your company’s image. 1. Brand awareness—when your targeted customers recall your product—is perhaps the most crucial element in the branding scheme. Brand awareness brings consumers back to your business again and again, and allows them to gain trust in your product. For example, when you see McDonald’s golden arches you know exactly what it represents.

2. Brand slogan is another important element of branding. Is there any doubt what people think of when they hear or read the phrase, "Just Do It"? Your business can create the same appeal that Nike and others have by using effective brand slogans.

3. Brand personality gives the company an image or identity expressed in human characteristics. A good branding personality example is insurance company Geico, with its mascot/spokesman, the Gecko. These brands lead to longevity of the personality of the company. Remember, consumers have good memories.

Jeff Alexander Founder, President, and Chief Executive Alexander’s Print Advantage Lindon, Utah

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