Rupert Murdoch: This Is Your "Legacy" Speaking

I say in my just-out column that “legacy” is what columnists start yammering on about about when they have no other hammer to hold over their target’s head that might make said target do exactly what they want.

I expect there will be a consensus forming around the idea that Rupert can rewrite a big part of his journalistic “legacy” if he resists monkeying around with the newsroom at the WSJ and what it produces.

The real “legacy” would be if he figures out a way to properly reconstitute the Wall Street Journal for today’s media environment. but, nevermind that. If I may put on my special pointy-headed comlumnist hat—the one that’s emblazoned “because, yes, it is all about me”:

Rupert Murdoch, your entire “legacy” rests keeping the Journal’s “a-head” front page stories—the wide-ranging, elegantly-crafted stories like this one—in the paper forever.

Nothing is more important than this!

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