How about reading the ads on the air?

Would we pay more attention if Jay Leno held up a tube of Colgate or a Zune?

Colleague David Kiley, one finger firmly on the fast-forward button, says that he’d pay attention to more ads if the Jay Lenos of the world incorporated them into their shows.

“One idea for getting high commercial ratings would be to go back to having hosts like Ferguson and Jay Leno read ads and hold the product up. That is an ad that will score very high. These guys could probably invent cool riffs on the products. Johnny Carson used to do it. Even Edward R. Murrow read ads on his show. Don Imus, before he got canned earlier this year, used to riff on ads for Bigelow Tea, Tassimo coffee makers and North Fork Bank. And they were far better ads than what was coming out of the ad agencies.”

I know I always listen when my favorite sports talk jocks (on Philly’s WIP) tell us about great car lots and hotels. Part of the fun, though, is that they sound sarcastic.

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