The Relentless Lisa Strausfeld

We interface with the award-winning information designer, who explains how her radical approach to data visualization incorporates real space and cyberspace

When Jim Clifton, chief executive of the Gallup Organization, the Washington management consulting firm known for its public opinion polls, wanted to hire "the Tiger Woods of data visualization," one name kept coming up: Lisa Strausfeld. "We did our own [unofficial] Gallup Poll," says Clifton. "With everyone we asked about Lisa, the agreement was so high. Everyone said she's the best." So, in June, 2006, the 42-year-old Pentagram partner was hired to consult as a senior scientist at Gallup. Strausfeld's redesign of Gallup's Web site will go live in September and will feature Strausfeld's data visualizations for the Gallup World Poll, which surveys residents of dozens of nations with timely questions such as "Would you vote for a female president?" The World Poll also offers rare statistical snapshots of war-torn regions, as Gallup regularly gathers data from people in areas such as the Middle East and Afghanistan.

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