Full Circle To Career Success

As we begin our professional careers, each of us has a skill set and a circle of influence that allows us to achieve initial success. Our circle of influence is determined by what I call the "Career Circle," which is made up of four key elements: relationships, habits, traditions, and processes. These four elements are what lead us to initial success, but more often than not they are also the very things that keep us from achieving greater success as our careers progress.

• Relationships: Everything in life comes down to relationships, to people. In business, it’s important to have and hire the right people.

• Habits: It’s critical to develop habits that lead to success. Top among them are punctuality, doing what you say you’ll do, finishing what you start, and being polite and honest. We need the willingness to learn and the flexibility to change the habits that stop our success.

• Traditions: Everybody picks up traditions as they go along, but it’s important to recognize the traditions that are leading to success and those that aren’t benefiting your career anymore.

• Processes: Processes are the ways we go about accomplishing and meeting our goals. If processes are bad or out of date, it’s going to be difficult to accomplish lasting success.

Above all else, we need to be flexible. The key to continued success is to constantly evaluate your circle of influence and make appropriate changes to expand your Career Circle. If you are willing to recognize the need for these changes, your circle of influence will continue to grow and you will maintain a consistent level of ongoing success.

Jeff Alexander Founder, President, and Chief Executive Alexander’s Print Advantage Lindon, Utah

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