Introducing Ellen

This week, Ellen Pollock joins us as executive editor, following a stellar 18-year career as a reporter and editor at The Wall Street Journal. This is great news for BusinessWeek readers, because Ellen is one of the smartest, best-trained, and most reader-focused journalists in the business.

Ellen and I met in the 1980s at The American Lawyer magazine, where we were both fortunate to work with a stable of talented young writers and editors. Even in this company, Ellen was a star, and she has gotten better at her craft every year since.

Most recently, she served as the Journal's deputy page one editor, managing a group of topflight editors and supervising many important pieces herself, including key parts of two series that won Pulitzer Prizes. Previously, she was a senior writer, reporting on such topics as corporate fraud, shareholder activism, and the Whitewater scandal. Ellen is also an accomplished author, with two well-received business books to her credit.

Ellen arrives at an exciting time for BusinessWeek. The magazine's readership has risen to 4.8 million, its highest level in nearly a decade. We have a dynamic redesign scheduled for the fall. John Byrne, whom Ellen succeeds at the magazine, is off and running as the new editor-in-chief of, bringing great ideas and strong management to our fast-growing Web site. Our new president, Keith Fox, is providing a fresh strategic vision and operational excellence to the task of running the business of BusinessWeek.

So what about the reader? We continue to strive to be indispensable to you through great journalism that's timely, concise, useful, credible, and insightful. Ellen shares these goals and has the skill, the judgment, and the desire to help us get even better at fulfilling them.

By Stephen J. Adler

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