Flipping Out Indeed

The real estate boom on television has just about played out—witness E.W. Scripps, owner of HGTV, putting out an earnings warning last week. So it’s fitting I guess that the Bravo cable network has put out the most outrageous home show yet. It’s called “Flipping Out” and it debuts on July 31.

This is a reality show that follows an obsessive compulsive real estate investor Jeff Lewis (that’s him at left) through all the craziness that is the LA real estate biz. Lewis is the Boss from Hell, making his workers place water bottles in his fridge with the labels facing out for example. Or asking one to take his obviously terrified cat for an acupuncture treatment and then scolding him for going through with the procedure when the cat was upset.

Lewis is so over the top you just have to laugh when he tries to compliment his long-suffering assistant Jenni—a rapper and actress on the side—by telling her that there is “a reason why I’ve fired Chris six times and you only two or three.”

You can find preview clips here: http://www.bravotv.com/Flipping_Out/index.php

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