You Can't Run on an Empty Tank

We expend huge amounts of emotional and mental energy every day at work. You need to replenish periodically to avoid crashing and burning

One time about 10 years ago, for no apparent reason, I broke out in hives. I couldn't for the life of me imagine what I'd eaten or drunk or rolled in that would have caused these awful red spots to appear. I asked my wise voice teacher, Winifred, for advice, and she filled me in on the Barrel Theory of allergy. Your body is like a barrel, she said. We can only take so much exposure to allergens without any trouble. When the barrel is full, that's it: One more chemical in the dry-cleaning fluid on your suit or the wrapper on your ballpark hot dog, and you've got hives. Often, it's not any one thing that does it, but the accumulation of toxic stuff that just fills the barrel to overflowing one day.

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