Wonderful Waterless Wipers

Drought-beating waterless car wash wipes named Car Care Product of the Year in the U.K.

Last year saw the United Kingdom experiencing its worst drought in over 100 years, and the associated water-saving bans on the use of garden hoses and home car washing forced proud British car owners to look for new ways to keep their vehicles clean and shiny. Armor All’s Clean and Shine Wipes - tough cleaning cloths impregnated with detergents, waxes and silicones - emerged as a very cheap and effective alternative to the bucket and hose. In fact, the cheap, waterless interior/exterior wipes have proven so convenient and quick to use that many time-starved Britons have stuck with them even now that their water restrictions have been lifted. For providing such an excellent solution to the water restriction problem, and for delivering precious hours back to car owners by condensing the cleaning, waxing and polishing processes into one simple step, the wipes have just been named Auto Express magazine’s Car Care Product of the Year.

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