The Best Is Yet To Come!

With home sales plunging, Beth Ann Shepard “Home Stager to the Stars” in Los Angeles, offered some tips for sellers. Shepard’s publicist says she’s helped celebs like Greg Kinnear, Christina Ricci and yes, that Desperate Housewife, Eva Langoria, sell their homes. Here are some of her suggestions:

Put an oversized mirror in your entryway because people love to look at themselves (especially in L.A.)

Place fresh flowers and scented candles all around the house.

Make your bed and bath rooms look like luxury hotels with thick white towels, pillows and duvet covers. Put a few books on the nightstand and a tall plant in the bedroom to convey ceiling height.

Purchase extra-long white sheer mesh draperies and install rods around your trellises or outdoor area for that billowy drapery feeling found only in exclusive resorts.

And my favorite, have Frank Sinatra’s Greatest Hits playing during open houses and viewings.

Frank puts everyone in the mood!