Identity Transparency is Changing the Workplace

The growing trend towards a virtual workplace is an important development for small businesses, and "unified identity" is the emerging technology that is making it increasingly possible.

Consider the possibility of ultimately decoupling not only ourselves, as users, from the physical network environment, but allowing all of our files and technology resources to be decoupled from their physical platforms as well. A new level of "identity transparency" would exist that would allow us to set up our entire workplace instantly and completely from wherever we like. It is interesting to consider the ramifications of viewing identity in this more relative sense. For the first time, the home employee would truly have a virtual workplace. A temporary employee could move seamlessly in and out of any workplace locale. As an executive, I could work seamlessly from my Blackberry, because identity transparency gives me the ability to pull up my files (all of them) as well as my applications. To realize our fullest productivity, it’s time to elevate our thinking about everything that identity, and especially identity transparency, means.

David Doane CEO PresenceID Salt Lake City, Utah

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