Building Business the Organic Way

Armed with an MBA and a wealth of corporate experience, this IE alum prepares to launch a good-for-you fast food business

Born into a family of business owners, I think I probably have the kind of gene pool that encourages you to build your own company. Initially, however, my parents wanted me to take a different career track. Hence, after completing my masters in engineering and economics, I ended up in the corporate world. My last employer was Siemens (SI) in Austria, where I was working as project manager. For Siemens, I worked all over the world, including in China, Australia, Russia, Ukraine, and also the U.S., where I stayed for three years on a management assignment. One of my personal goals was to get an MBA, but my job involved a lot of traveling and interrupting my career was not an option. Taking the International Executive MBA at Instituto de Empresa Business School offered great possibilities and gave me the opportunity to think about making a move in the direction of the family calling.

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