Brooklyn Has The iPhones In New York.

I think I found out where most of the iPhone are in New York—in hip Brooklyn. My friend Andrew Blum, who has written for our Innovation & Design site and now writes mostly for Wired, sent me a note. Check it out. It probably means that the TREO and Blackberry corporate folks in media, finance, marketing can’t make the jump to the iPhone because it doesn’t yet support their email. The non-corporate designers, writers, hipster-entrepreneurs of Brooklyn don’t have that worry, so they move to the cutting edge right away.

Here’s Andrew:

Hi Bruce, I just read your iphone post. A little report from the field: I’m going into week three of serious iphone use and I’m seriously thrilled— still. The initial awe has worn off, but I crossed a threshold this week with the keyboard and I can now type as fast as my old blackberry. But the even bigger difference for me compared to the blackberry is full html email, which to me makes it feel like more of an extension of the computer, not a compromise, like the blackberry was.

But here’s the fun part: when people first play with it, without fail they let out a little gasp when they learn how a little pinch enlarges photos and web pages. I’ve never seen anything else elicit that response. Then they always say the same thing: “$500, huh? I’m going to wait for the next version.” (My wife in particular has been taunting me with her plans to purchase version two.)

And they may not be all over Wall Street, Madison Avenue and East Hampton, but I’ve definitely seen them in Brooklyn. And you can figure out what that means…

Best, Andrew

Yeah, well, I get your meaning Andrew. Thanks a lot.

One more point on iPhone sales. Today’s news is that Apple sold 270,000 iPhones in the 30 hours of the last quarter. Yesterday, AT&T said that only 146,000 iPhone subscribers were hooked up in that period. If my math is right, that means that nearly half the people who bought iPhones when they first when on sale didn’t get service. Not a good consumer experience. I expect all that has been ironed out. Right Apple and AT&T?

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