Toyota's Safety Push at Home

In Japan, all new Toyotas will come standard with side-impact-reducing SRS side airbags for front seats and SRS curtain shield airbags

If you don't die as a result of age or illness, today's sad reality is that you're most likely to be killed in a motor vehicle accident. Car manufacturers have been working hard to reduce trauma from accidents, building in crumple zones, safety cells and driver/passenger airbags to maximise protection for the precious living cargo they carry, and these measures have been effective in reducing deaths and serious injuries in front and rear collisions. Recent figures, however, show that nearly three quarters of serious side collisions still result in head and upper body injuries -- and it's these injuries that Toyota's latest initiative aims to combat. By fitting side-impact airbags and curtain shield airbags to all Japanese passenger cars as standard, Toyota believes it can reduce deaths from side impacts by as much as 37% -- a huge step towards making the road a safer place to be.

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