AOL's Tacoda deal: What's it mean for TV?

Tacoda's Dave Morgan sells to AOL. Next act? TV?

Last time I saw Tacoda’s Dave Morgan, he was fooling around more than usual with his Treo. For all I know, he was putting the final touches on the $275 million sale of his company to AOL. (The view from one of his VC investors.)

It’ll be interesting to see if Morgan, who’s always a step or two ahead, advances quickly from print to TV. From Catherine Holahan’s BW article:

“We are going to take things one step at a time,” says Morgan. “But we hope that what we are doing here on the PC will translate to the TV.”

My question isn’t whether Dave Morgan will be chasing this next frontier of behavioral ads (unless he finds something bigger). It’s whether he’ll be pulling AOL along with him.

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