Owning the Ad

Ad agency Anomaly is pioneering a new model whereby it provides its creative services in return for a take of the profits. It's a high-risk strategy that could change the industry

Marketers have little reason to care about the performance of a campaign after the client doles out their fee. Take graphic designer Rob Janoff: Working for Silicon Valley marketing firm Regis McKenna in the late 1970s, he created the corporate logo for fledgling tech startup Apple Computer (AAPL), a simple, rainbow-striped apple with a bite taken out of it. For Janoff, it was another day's work; but for Apple, the logo helped forge an iconic brand that today has an estimated worth of over $9 billion. "I got a nice trip for me and my family to Disneyland," says Janoff of his compensation, adding that "It would have been great if I could have gotten some stock [in Apple]."

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