The Facebook campaign to save Business 2.0

Facebook campaign to save Business 2.0 is also a forum on future of magazine advertising

I added my name this morning to the Facebook campaign to save Business 2.0. (ex Influential Marketing)I don’t know how effective these campaigns will be. But they can’t hurt.

It turns out this campaign is also an interesting forum on the future of business magazines, a subject that has a certain relevance for me. I was especially interested in the string: Advertisers, Where Art Thou?. One Biz 2.0 fan calls for readers to reach out to advertisers. Another , J.M. Jeffryes, asks whether this is Advertising 1.0 or 2.0. He calls for a new approach to advertising:

“Find a way to make the advertising more interactive. Which doesn’t necessarily mean on the web. Build in feedback mechanisms on the ads. Maybe each issue comes with a postcard where you check which ads you actually looked at, and which ones had an impact on you. Presto. The magazine becomes a free focus group for its advertisers.

Get more creative with how ads are put in the magazine. Have a page where the ads are clever stickers you can take out and put on your cube. Create cool posters with the infographics from the articles and ad sponsor slots along the bottom. Have a sheet of cards with witty sayings or sight gags for handing out at networking events that have ads on the back. There is a lot more that can be done with advertising that makes it more relevant to the readers and more valuable to the advertisers.”

Not everyone agrees, of course. The discussion goes on. We can all benefit from the ideas.

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