International Design Excellence Awards

Forgive the self-indulgent post — and the radio silence of late — but we’ve been working like demons, putting together the IDEA 2007 package. It’s live and online so I urge you to check out the winners of the Gold, Silver and Bronze awards. The slideshow of all the winners is pretty great, as is the database of winners from 2000 to 2007 which, truthfully, we’re still tweaking so it’s as easy to use as possible. I talked at length to this year’s jury chair, Ruth Soénius, Director of User Experience at Siemens Corporate Research and she had a lot of insight to share on the judging process. Diplomatically, she refused to be drawn into who threw the biggest tantrum or who fell out with whom, but she seemed pretty pleased with the results, citing the show as a really good way to take a snapshot of design’s pulse right here right now. There’s also the never-to-be-underestimated ‘ooh, I want that’ factor of product lust associated with many of the winners. I experienced it with at least three things I simply-must-have-now. You?

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