Vick Loses a Sneaker. DeVito Gets a Booze Deal.

Nike has suspended the launch of a new sneaker bearing the name of Atlanta Falcons star Michael Vick following the findings that he has been promoting dog fighting on his property. And Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank says he is exploring his options with Vick, a talented player who joins the army of such talented players who can’t get out of his own way when it comes to being an adult.

Then there is the case of bad behavior and actor-director-producer Danny DeVito. DeVito, as you will recall, appeared inebriated on a series of TV appearances last November—notably ABC’s The View. He explained he had been up all night and into the morning drinking with fellow actor George Clooney. DeVito has paid a bit for his mishap. He had a multi-picture financing deal that got stalled, at least in small part, because financial backers were put off by his behavior and his bashing of President Bush in the escapade.

But DeVito, who specified that he had been up drinking Limoncello, an Italian lemon liqueur, has actually been rewarded in a small way by having a company, Harbrew Imports, launch a Limoncello product bearing the actor’s name—Danny DeVito’s Premium Limoncello. After DeVito’s TV appearances, importers of Limoncello saw a spike in sales, though it’s a pretty small niche product. Richard DeCicco, Founder and CEO of Harbrew Imports told me by e-mail that he expects DeVito’s brand to be the category leader in sales in the next 12 months.

Quick…name another brand of Limoncello. Having the top Limoncello brand in the U.S. a bit like being hailed as the top ballerina in Galveston. But my real point here is a bit of a double standard. Despite the fact that I really like Limoncello and am looking forward to trying DeVito’s brand, there is something icky about getting a deal for you own liquor after you appeared publicly drunk on that same kind of liquor.

I wonder if some dog-training schools or some kind of vitamin boosted dog food will ask Vick to be a tout in ads.

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