A Tool for Businesses Seeking Sleek, Chic Offices

Imaginative interior architecture can play a huge role in terms of fostering collaboration and creative thinking — and can help define a company’s culture. Think of the Googleplex in Mountain View, Calif. and its clever mix of open spaces and tent-like sanctuaries, and how this cool corporate headquarters is helping to define Google itself as The Place to Work. Now, a gorgeous new book Contemporary World Interiors, just published by Phaidon Press and written by design curator and writer Susan Yelavich, explores swanky office, retail, educational, hospital, hotel, and residential interior décor of the past 25 years. While newer projects from the past couple of years, such as the Googleplex, aren’t in the book –- given the advance deadlines of book publishing –- the 500+ page tome can serve as an eye-popping tool for managers looking for to reconfigure corporate digs for more productivity or employee engagement. Or for companies seeking hip new architects to hire for innovative retail spaces.

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