Forbidden Starbucks

Starbucks has been banished from Beijing's Forbidden City. China says its cultural history and American coffee chains shouldn't mix

Want to grab a Green Tea Frappuccino or a Grande Latte? For the past seven years, visitors to Beijing's 587-year-old Forbidden City have had that option as they tramped through the historic complex of sprawling gardens and halls that takes up 178 acres at the heart of Beijing. But that ended when Starbucks (SBUX) finally shut its store on July 13 after a storm of opposition from patriotic mainland Chinese. "The Forbidden City is a cultural and historical site, while Starbucks represents the fast pace of metropolitan life," says Maggie Chen, a 26-year-old membership salesperson at a Shanghai golf club. "The two should not be mixed together," she says, echoing the sentiments raging across the Internet in recent months.

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