Better than Zillow?

Yet another consumer real estate Web site has launched today. Given the success of Zillow and Trulia, brand-new site has high hopes (the site’s PR person has already promised me that it is “better than Zillow”).

In my opinion, the coolest thing about Terabitz is its customizability (that’s a real word, I checked). Think iGoogle, but for real estate. For those without a personalized Google homepage, iGoogle allows you to add web feeds and “Google Gadgets” to the usual Google homepage so that when you go to to search, you can also track things like the local weather, your stocks, your email or the top stories on your favorite news sites. With Terabitz, you enter a location and drag icons from the top of the page into “the workspace.” This way, you can simultaneously view maps, for-sale listings from a number of different sources, local photos, a list of restaurants or doctors offices in the area, population demographics, a mortgage rate calculator— you name it.

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