Are We Communicating Too Much In This Age Of Social Media?

The responses to my late-in-the-day howl at the moon from the authors of The Age Of Conversation are wonderful and invigorating. The truth is that most of the important intellectual conversations I’m having these days is taking place on the web through social media. I’d be lost without that contact. Even as I write this blog post, I’m being texted and texting one of the key Modernista designers of our Inside Innovation magazine (next issue is in six weeks) while listening to a vmail from one of our band of innovation and design folks working on this Thursday’s humongous online package on the International Design Excellence Awards from the IDSA. That’s all I can do in one sitting.

Yet, I don’t have a FaceBook page, don’t Twitter and don’t spend time with an avatar in Second Life—because it would be so time-consuming and overwhelming. Yet, if you don’t participate in the technology—and the community there—you don’t really get it. Argh…

Well, gotta make choices. And thanks to the authors of the Age of Conversation for setting out the context for those choices.

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