Will Facebook Kill Blogs?

After seeing the kind of posts that appear on my Facebook

After seeing the kind of posts that appear on my Facebookstatus updates” from my rapidly increasing roster of friends, I blurted out a status update myself: “Rob Hof is suddenly wondering if Facebook status updates will replace blogs eventually.”

I actually wasn’t sure I would send it, because I started to wonder if that was a dumb idea, but suddenly an errant mouse click posted it anyway. In the hour since then, two people have already chimed in. One person said a friend told her she hadn’t posted anything on her blog since she starting using Facebook regularly. Another said he just shut down his personal blog, though not his professional one. He explained: “The applications (e.g. books I’m reading, photos, videos, etc.) are essentially pre-installed, there was a huge overlap between my Facebook friends and my (rather limited) blog audience, and I saved on hosting fees.” He added: “I have far more interaction with my friends via FB.”

Interesting, no? There’s a fairly short character limit on status updates, so I doubt Facebook status updates in particular will really kill blogs, but as Facebook evolves, I wonder how many self-publishing and social applications it will consume?