An iPhone Story From The Hamptons--Can It Be True?

I was at a party in East Hampton over the weekend and was told this story:

There’s a hot restaurant on the Montauk highway called Cyril’s where the twenty and thirty-something set drinks and parties. It’s hard to get parking on a Saturday so lots of people park across the highway and run across (and fast because the traffic is nuts) to get to the outdoor bar.

One guy parked, got out of his car with his iPhone in his hand and dashed across the highway. But he dropped it and before he could retrieve it, another car sped by—right over his iPhone. He ran back and picked it up. The casing was cracked but the iPhone worked. He made a call right there even though a car had run over his iPhone. The he immediately blogged about it.

Now, can this story be true? Can you really drive a car over an iPhone and still have it work? Are there any other folks at there with similar experiences? And should this guy star in an ad for Apple?

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