Carlyle Group to Acquire Sequa

First Indiana agrees to be acquired by Marshall & Ilsley, and more deal news
Deals in the news
Company Symbol Date Price Comment
FEDEX CORP FDX 7/9/2007 116 Barron's reports FDX could become target for private equity buyers because of its modest valuation, turnaround potential.
FIRST INDIANA CO FINB 7/9/2007 31 MI to buy: $32 = FINB.
SEQUA CORP'A' SQA.A 7/9/2007 173 The Carlyle Group to buy: $175 = SQA.A, SQA.B.
TOPPS CO TOPP 7/9/2007 11 Urges holders to reject takeover bid from Upper Deck valued at $10.75 per share.
ALCAN INC AL 7/6/2007 86 AA says US antitrust investigators have requested more information about AA's hostile bid for AL; U.K. Daily Telegraph, citing sources, reports RTP might make competing bid for AL, or possibly for AA.
BAUSCH & LOMB BOL 7/6/2007 72 EYE offers $45 cash, $30 in EYE stock per BOL share.
CBOT HOLDINGS'A' BOT 7/6/2007 218 CME, BOT revise terms of merger pact, up exchange ratio from 0.350 to 0.375 CME share per BOT share... CME says pact now supported by Caledonia Investments Pty. Ltd., BOT's largest shareholder.
GOLDEN TELECOM GLDN 7/6/2007 66 VIP reportedly in talks to buy stake in GLDN.
HUNTSMAN CORP HUN 7/6/2007 28 Says $27.25/share bid from Apollo Mgmt's Hedxion Specialty Chemicals Inc. superior to previously accepted deal with Basell.
ACR GROUP BRR 7/5/2007 7 WSO to buy: $6.75 = BRR.
CHAMPPS ENTERTAI CMPP 7/5/2007 5 F&H Acquisition Corp. to buy: $5.60 = CMPP.
HILTON HOTELS HLT 7/5/2007 45 BX to buy: $47.50 = HLT.
HUNTSMAN CORP HUN 7/5/2007 27 Hexion Specialty Chemicals Inc. to buy: $27.25 = HUN.
MERIDIAN GOLD MDG 7/5/2007 28 Says AUY's unsolicited acquisition proposal does not provide basis to enter into merger talks.
FIRST MUTUAL BAN FMSB 7/3/2007 26 WFSL to buy: $27.05 in cash or stock = FMSB.
WENDY'S INTL WEN 7/3/2007 38 Trian Fund Management, owned by investor Nelson Peltz, says its TRY would be a "natural, strategic buyer" for WEN; Trian ups its stake in WEN to 9.8% from 8.4%.
BCE INC BCE 7/2/2007 39 Group led by Teachers Private Capital, Providence Equity, Madison Dearborn to buy for $48.5B, incl. $15.9B of debt, preferred equity, minority interests.
DOBSON COMMUNIC' DCEL 7/2/2007 12 AT&T to buy: $13 = DCEL.
ECI TELECOM LTD ECIL 7/2/2007 10 Affiliates of Swarth Group, certain funds to buy: $10 = ECIL.
MANOR CARE HCR 7/2/2007 64 The Carlyle Group to buy: $67 = HCR.
NORTH PITTSBURGH NPSI 7/2/2007 24 CNSL to buy: $25 or 1.1061947 CNSL = NPSI.
OPTION CARE OPTN 7/2/2007 19 WAG to buy: $19.50 = OPTN.
REDDY ICE HLDG FRZ 7/2/2007 30 Funds managed by GSO Capital Partners LP to buy: $31.25 = FRZ.
TRUMP ENTERTAINM TRMP 7/2/2007 10 Says none of indications of interest it received for acquisition of co. likely to lead to deal in best interests of co., holders.
VIRGIN MEDIA VMED 7/2/2007 29 Confirms it received takeover proposal, has initiated review of its alternatives.
KOMAG INC KOMG 6/29/2007 32 WDC to buy: $32.25 = KOMG.
BUILD-A-BEAR WOR BBW 6/28/2007 26 Hires Lehman to help review strategic alternatives.
MERIDIAN GOLD MDG 6/28/2007 28 Says AUY, NTO plan to offer to acquire 100% of MDG but have made no formal bid.
ANDREW CORP ANDW 6/27/2007 14 CTV to buy for $15 in cash, stock or combination of both per ANDW share.
CHITTENDEN CORP CHZ 6/27/2007 35 PBCT to buy: about $37 = CHZ.
DOW JONES & CO DJ 6/27/2007 59 Is reportedly close to deal with NWS on takeover after terms reached to protect editorial integrity of its publications.
EFUNDS CORP EFD 6/27/2007 35 FIS to buy: $36.50 = EFD.
GUITAR CENTER GTRC 6/27/2007 60 Affiliates of Bain Capital Partners to buy: $63 = GTRC.
WEB.COM INC WWWW 6/27/2007 6 WSPI to buy: 0.6875 WSPI or $6.5233 = WWWW.
DOW JONES & CO DJ 6/26/2007 59 WSJ reports DJ, NWS are on the brink of agreeing to editorial protections for DJ, which could pave way for sale of DJ.
ENERGY EAST EAS 6/26/2007 26 Iberdrola S.A. to buy: $28.50 = EAS.
TOPPS CO TOPP 6/26/2007 10 Upper Deck launches $10.75/share tender offer, exceeding offer TOPP accepted in March of $9.75/share made by Tornante Co. LLC, Madison Dearborn Partners LLC.
VENTANA MEDICAL VMSI 6/26/2007 77 RHHBY makes $75/share cash takeover bid; VMSI board expects to make recommendation to shareholders within 10 business days on whether or not to accept bid.
AMER FIRST APTMT APRO 6/25/2007 25 Sentinel Omaha LLC to buy: $25.30 = APRO.
DOBSON COMMUNIC' DCEL 6/25/2007 11 WSJ reports DCEL considering strategic options, including sale of co.
HARLEY-DAVIDSON HOG 6/22/2007 63 Shares seen higher on unconfirmed takeover speculation.
MACY'S INC M 6/22/2007 42 Newswire reports M shares higher on unconfirmed rumor that M received buyout offer of $52 per share from KKR, GS Capital Partners, Providence.
NOVAMERICAN STEE TONS 6/22/2007 54 SHJ to buy: $56 = TONS.
OPENWAVE SYSTEMS OPWV 6/22/2007 7 Harbinger Capital Partners Master Fund I, Ltd., Harbinger Capital Partners Special Situations Fund L.P. allow their tender offer for OPWV shares to expire.
DOW JONES & CO DJ 6/21/2007 60 GE says it not pursuing joint bid with PSO for DJ; MySpace founder Brad Greenspan offers $60/share for about 25% stake in DJ; DJ says its board will take over talks regarding NEWS CORP. bids.
OAKLEY INC OO 6/21/2007 28 LUX to buy: $29.30 = OO.
NUVEEN INVESTMEN JNC 6/20/2007 63 Investor group led by Madison Dearborn Partners to buy: $65 = JNC.
COLOR KINETICS CLRK 6/19/2007 34 PHG to buy: $34 = CLRK.
ESS TECHNOLOGY ESST 6/19/2007 2 Says its Strategic Transaction Committee will investigate liquidation of co. as part of a review of corp. alternatives.
ALCOA INC AA 6/18/2007 43 The Times of London reports BHP has revived plans for $40B takeover of AA.
AMER TECHL CERAM AMK 6/18/2007 24 AVX to buy: $24.75 = AMK.
AUTHORIZE.NET HO ANET 6/18/2007 18 CYBS to buy: $125M in cash plus 1.1611 shares of CYBS per ANET share.
BLUEPHOENIX SOLU BPHX 6/18/2007 9 Says its major shareholder, Formula Systems (1985) Ltd., informed BPHX that Formula entered into in deal to sell its entire 46% equity stake in BPHX.
DOW JONES & CO DJ 6/18/2007 59 WSJ reports GE, PSO in talks about joint bid for DJ that would allow Bancroft family to keep a minority interest; a potential alternative to NWS's $5B offer.
FRIENDLY ICE CRE FRN 6/18/2007 15 Freeze Operations Holding Corp., an affiliate of Sun Capital Partners Inc., to buy: $15.50 = FRN.
GENESCO INC GCO 6/18/2007 54 FINL to buy: $54.50 = GCO.
NYMEX HOLDINGS NMX 6/18/2007 140 CME says it not in any talks with NMX regarding merger or acquisition; adds it remains focused on merging with CBOT.
WENDY'S INTL WEN 6/18/2007 38 Says special committee of its board has decided to explore possible sale of co.
CARDINAL STATE B CSNC 6/15/2007 17 YAVY to buy: 0.91771 YAVY or $17.62 = CSNC.
COINMACH SERVICE DRA 6/15/2007 13 Babcock & Brown to buy: $13.55 = DRA.
EXPEDIA INC EXPE 6/15/2007 25 Unconfirmed report says Chairman Barry Diller may take co. private at $30/share.
NYMEX HOLDINGS NMX 6/15/2007 142 Seen higher on reports NMX exploring a sale to NYX, Deutsche Boerse AG, CME.
PENN NATIONAL GA PENN 6/15/2007 62 Affiliates of FIG, Centerbridge Partners LP to buy: $67 = PENN.
CBOT HOLDINGS'A' BOT 6/14/2007 204 CME sweetens $10B bid for BOT by offering owners of BOT 1x dividend of $9.14 per share; BOT board rejects latest ICE bid.
CBOT HOLDINGS'A' BOT 6/13/2007 201 ICE resubmits merger proposal with number of enhancements... Based on 6/12 closing price, offer valued at $211.55/BOT share.
HORIZON OFFSHORE HOFF 6/12/2007 19 DVR to buy: 0.625 DVR, $9.25 cash = HOFF.
ABN AMRO HOLDING ABN 6/11/2007 47 WSJ reports hedge-fund firm Atticus has bought shares of Barclays and met with the bank to discuss whether it should drop an effort to buy ABN for $85.1B.
BACK YARD BURGER BYBI 6/11/2007 6 BBAC LLC to buy: $6.50 = BYBI.
DOW JONES & CO. DJ 6/11/2007 60 WSJ says GE and MSFT discussed combining DJ with parts of NBC/Universal, parrying NWS, but couldn't reach agreement.
U.S. STEEL X 6/11/2007 117 Seen lower on report ThyssenKrupp AG said it isn't in talks with X or russia's OA Severstal.
DOW JONES & CO DJ 6/8/2007 60 WSJ says DJ implemented change-in-control provisions for over 100 top managers as it considers NWS's $5B takeover bid.
OPENWAVE SYSTEMS OPWV 6/8/2007 8 Harbinger Capital Partners lowers its partial tender offer to buy control of OPWV to $7.10/share to reflect $1.20/shr special dividend set recently by OPWV.
U.S. STEEL X 6/8/2007 124 Newswires, citing report from Interfax, say ThyssenKrupp AG is holding talks on buying X and Russia's OAO Severstal.
BIOMET, INC BMET 6/7/2007 46 Consortium of private equity funds to buy: $46 = BMET.
PACIFIC INTERNET PCNTF 6/7/2007 11 Accepts revised takeover offer of $11 per share from Connect Holdings Ltd.
BCE INC BCE 6/6/2007 37 Says another group is entering into talks to explore possibility of taking BCE private; this group includes Teachers' Private Capital, Providence Equity Ptnrs.
OPTICAL COMMUNIC OCPI 6/6/2007 2 OPLK says it will pay $1.65/share for the 41.9% of OCPI it doesn't already own.
RUSS BERRIE & CO RUS 6/6/2007 19 Gets unsolicited takeover offer of $18 per share, but says offer undervalues co.
TAL INTERNATIONA TAL 6/6/2007 29 Hires Citigroup to help it review alternatives, incl. possible sale of co.
TD AMERITRADE HO AMTD 6/6/2007 21 Says 2 hedge funds have taken 8.4% stake in co., seek to acquire more; they also indicated they wish to see AMTD pursue business combination with ETFC or SCHW.
FELDMAN MALL PRO FMP 6/5/2007 12 Retains Friedman, Billings, Ramsey & Co. to assist in exploring alternatives, including possible combination, sale or merger with another entity.
WILD OATS MARK OATS 6/5/2007 17 Says Federal Trade Commission plans to file lawsuit to block WFMI' proposed acquisition of OATS.
LAUREATE EDU LAUR 6/4/2007 62 Accepts raised offer from group led by chrm & CEO to buy LAUR for $62 /sh. cash.
1-800 CONTACTS CTAC 6/4/2007 14 Fenway Ptnrs to buy CTAC for $24.25 a sh.
AVAYA INC AV 6/4/2007 17 TPG, Silver Lake in lead to buy AV for about $17 a share: WSJ.
DIGENE CORP DIGE 6/4/2007 60 QIAGEN to buy: either $61.25 in cash or 3.545 QGEN shares per DIGE share.
SOLECTRON CORP SLR 6/4/2007 4 FLEXTRONICS to buy: 0.3450 FLEX share or $3.89 cash per SLR share.
CHOLESTECH CORP CTEC 6/4/2007 20 INVERNESS MEDICAL to buy: 0.43642 IMA share = 1 CTEC share.
SONESTA INTL HOT SNSTA 6/4/2007 28 Reportedly hires Goldman to review strategic options.
CADENCE DESIGN S CDNS 6/4/2007 24 NYT reports CDNS in talks with at least two buyout firms about a possible sales.
UTSTARCOM INC UTSI 6/4/2007 7 UTSI to move forward with co. as it exists today.
ACCREDITED HOME LEND 6/4/2007 15 Lone Star Fund V L.P. to buy: $15.10 cash per LEND share.

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