I Used The Dyson Airblade--And Survived!

When I was at the Royal College of Art recently, I had occassion to actually use James Dyson’s new 400 mile per hour hand drier. They had one in the big tent set up in Hyde Park to showcase all the student projects.

And it was terrific. I half-expected the skin on my hands to fly off—but it didn’t. I had a great consumer experience. The blast of air feels good (not hot) and your hands are dry in 10-15 seconds. Save that energy.

Even before my Airblade encounter, I noticed that hand driers at Heathrow Airport blew out air at a much faster speed than the ones we have in the US. Maybe four or five times faster. And they dried my hands faster as well. So the Brits have been ahead of the Yanks on hand drier technology and strategy for years. Who knew?

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