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What Price Reputation?

Many savvy companies are starting to realize that a good name can be their most important assetand actually boost the stock price

A recent print ad by United Technologies Corp. (UTX ) looks deceptively like an assembly diagram for a model helicopter. Study it more closely, however, and you'll notice that the color schematic of UTC's Sikorsky S-92 copter is embedded with messages aimed at Wall Street.

Text near the engine trumpets 40% lower maintenance costs than comparable helicopters and a "health and usage system" that ensures the S-92 "always operates at peak performance." Next to a view of the cockpit, you learn that the thermal imaging system lets rescuers find people they can't see. Other text notes fuel efficiency that allows "more rescues per gallon" and paint with few compounds that harm the environment. "You don't have to understand everything we do to profit from it," crows the tagline. The underlying theme: UTC is a great investment because it is a leader in innovation and eco-friendly technologies that help the bottom line.