iPhone Europe: Don't Hold Your Breath

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that despite a flurry of rumors, no announcement of an iPhone deal for Europe is imminent. Fortunately for us, writing about the iPhone is very different from most products: Given Apple’s obsessive secrecy, no one who knows anything will talk, and no one who talks knows anything. So we get to write unfettered by anything resembling actual reporting.

But relying on logic rather than facts, here’s my analysis. European carriers Have demonstrated a profound lack of interest in anything but a 3G version of the iPhone. Unlike the U.S., 3G service in Europe is ubiquitous but underutilized, and carriers are anxious to generate traffic to justify multi-billion-euro investments.

Technically, it might not be hard for Apple to cobble up a 3G iPhone. But to announced an enhanced iPhone just after several hundred thousand people put down $600 apiece for a poky EDGE iPhone might be more of a slap in the face than even Apple’s loyal fans could tolerate.

Since Apple doesn’t plan to ship an iPhone in europe until close to the end of the year, there is no eprcentage whatever in announcing one now. QED