Another Rosling talk from TED

A talk from Swedish researcher Hans Rosling on global health and development

Yet another great talk from SWEDISH (correction) researcher Hans Rosling (ex Matthew Hurst). He brings to life global statistics on poverty and health, and makes the case that the “seemingly impossible is possible”—even when confronted with the problems in Africa. Worth a watch if you have 20 minutes.

(You may wonder what I’m doing in the middle of a work day watching a 20-minute video on global development… Fact is, I’m roaming the Net trying to figure out what I’m going to be writing about now that I’m back at BusinessWeek…)

POSTSCRIPT: Sorry that I typed Danish instead of Swedish. Stupid me, the guy talks throughout his speech about being Swedish, makes jokes about Volvos, and for some reason my fingers typed d a n i s h. I’ve run around this floor at BW asking people how to do the crossthrough on Movable Type. I forget, and no one seems to know? It’s something with a backwards slash and an S… Anyone remember? Thanks, and again, sorry.

PS II: Well, I typed that backward slash combo and clearly got something right, because it slashed all the text in all of the posts below this one.

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