Romney:Can Buy Me Love...Maybe

Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney placed more local TV advertisements than all other candidates combined, with 4,549 ads, mostly on local broadcast television, through June 10 according to The Nielsen Company.

Other candidates, which have relied mostly on web ads and Youtube, are also getting into the TV ad game. Since the two weeks beginning June 11, both Chris Dodd and John Edwards have run half of their reported TV advertisements to date and Barack Obama began running TV ads in Iowa on June 27.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama’s Website generated the greatest number of unique visitors of any candidate Website in April, according to Nielsen//NetRatings.

Republican Rudolph Giuliani, on the other hand, has run hundreds of radio advertisements, twice as many Mitt Romney, the only other candidate with local radio ads. The Giuliani campaign has already run radio ads in most of the major U.S. media markets, focusing on Kansas City, Minneapolis-St. Paul, and Providence.

Democrats have the early lead in the blogosphere, generating more “Buzz,” or online mentions in blogs and discussion, by nearly a 2-to-1 ratio, according to Nielsen BuzzMetrics. With no online advertisements, Senator Obama has created the greatest Buzz volume overall. Obama had nearly double the amount of Buzz than Hillary Clinton (who is ranked #2 in terms of Buzz volume).

Senator McCain generated over 40 million unique impressions utilizing paid Internet advertisements in April and May from both image- and sponsored link based ads; followed by Mitt Romney with 5.8 million unique impressions and Friends of Hillary generating just over 2 million impressions.