Robot Zoo

I confess. I’m a bit squeamish. I haven’t eaten meat for hundreds of years and if a mosquito comes into my bedroom I try to strike a deal whereby I won’t kill it as long as it promises not to sting me (never seems to work, sadly). Zoos? Well, zoos make me cry, even though I love (live) animals and honestly understand very well that conservation is key and if it weren’t for these sanctuaries, the animals would be dead and and and. Anyway, here’s a rather innovative solution to my problem. The Robotarium is an entirely bonkers art project by Portugese artist, Leonel Moura, which consists of a metal enclosure filled with robots. I love the descriptions that you find on the accompanying Website: The Araneax is black and spider like and will make threatening gestures until a visitor goes away; in trying to follow sunlight, the Robotapondera “gets very excited and active”. Poor old Zoids are virtually indetectable, so all the big bully robots run them over and cut off their tails. Apparently, it’s a robot eat robot world out there. There’s also some video here:

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