The Transformer: From Fan Boy to Producer

Tom DeSanto turned his passion for comics into a producing career. His summer film, Transformers, is generating the kind of buzz Hollywood dreams about

Sitting in an Italian restaurant in West Hollywood, surrounded by starlet wannabes, Tom DeSanto flashes the giant S on his Superman T-shirt as testimony to his well-earned status as a "fan boy." The 38-year-old DeSanto loves comics—he has 35,000 of them, neatly arranged in boxes, some at his nearby home, others at his dad's place in New Jersey. He got the first when he was a toddler, his mom told him, and as he browses through Meltdown Comics across Sunset he rattles off story lines about Superman, Batman, the Flash, and even the fiercely patriotic Captain America, as well as the names of the artists who brought them to life.

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