T-Mobile's Newest HotSpot: Right @Home

The wireless service provider now offers subscribers a new way to make calls from home without a landline

Editor's Rating:

The Good: Smooth hand-off of calls between cellular and Wi-Fi networks; installation was a breeze

The Bad: Current handsets don't allow Web browsing; switching between networks can take a while

The Bottom Line: Good service that will need a few tweaks

Even if you happen to have had a cell phone with Wi-Fi wireless capability, it hasn't been very easy to use it for phone calls over a Wi-Fi Internet connection. Cell-phone service providers haven't been very helpful because they want you to use your plan minutes for every call. So you've had to download an application from another company such as Skype (EBAY) to take advantage of the free or at least very cheap calling rates so common now with voice-over-Internet-protocol technology over a wired broadband line. These calls have required a separate account with a distinct phone number or user identity. And if you started such a call on your home Wi-Fi network and wandered beyond that signal's range while talking, the connection dropped.

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