How the iPhone Stacks Up for Business

Sure it plays tunes and lets you watch TV, but here's how the newest Apple device compares to Palm's Treo and RIM's BlackBerry
iPhone vs. Rivals
  iPhone BlackBerry (Curve) Palm Treo (755p)
Hardware price $499 (4GB)$599 (8GB) $200 $280
Service plan price $60-$100/mo. $30-$60/mo. (data) (add $40-$200/mo. for calls) $40-$50/mo. (data) (add $25-$200/mo. for calls)
Wireless carrier AT&T AT&TRogers Wireless (Canada) Sprint
Battery life 8 hrs. talk time6 hrs. Internet use7 hrs. video play24 hrs. audio play250 hrs. standby 4 hrs. talk time17 days standby 4.2 hrs. talk time240 hrs. standby
Size 4.5 in. high2.4 in. wide0.46 in. thick 4.2 in. high2.4 in. wide0.6 in. thick 4.4 in. high2.3 in. wide0.84 in. thick
Weight 4.8 oz. 3.9 oz. 5.64 oz.
Camera 2 megapixels 2 megapixels 1.3 megapixels
Multimedia iTunes and other digital musicVideo MP3YouTube MP3 musicSome video downloads Sprint TVStreaming music and podcastsMpeg-4 videoMP3 music
Input Multi-touch screen and virtual keyboard Keyboard and trackball Keyboard and touch screen

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