new opportunities and new voices

Meanwhile, Reena Jana will be joining Next. Alone with Helen, she'll continue to bring you thoughtful sentiments on the intersection of business and design - and everything related. Cheers

You may have noticed my absence in the past week. I’ve been wrapped up in one of the more important decisions of my career. I’m leaving BusinessWeek to write about technology for another biz magazine. It’s with sadness that I write this. I’ve had a great time working with our i&d team - Bruce, Jessie, Helen, Reena, Aili and a number of other talented writers and editors. But the magic of the i&d channel (and related blogs) has always been that it is a rich conversation, not a one-way mind dump. Thus, I look forward to reading and commenting frequently and I’ll continue to come here to seek out intelligent conversation about innovation and design.

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