Who's Afraid of the iPhone Now?

One company that's not too concerned about Apple's upcoming iPhone is Motorola. Not that anyone is unassailable (can we all say

One company that’s not too concerned about Apple’s upcoming iPhone is Motorola. Not that anyone is unassailable (can we all say “the Razr?”), but Motorola has been quietly building up its arsenal in the enterprise sector with its recent acquisitions of Good Technology and Symbol. Together, the two give Motorola a popular email client and a hardware company that has specialized in selling to business verticals like retail and industrial—with a large sales force, to boot. Why am I bringing this up? Good today announced a major software update (Good Mobile Messaging 5, for those of you counting) that should keep it comfortably years ahead of anything Apple can do on the corporate front. In addition to having security and compatibility with Microsoft and other popular email clients, Good is adding for free to existing accounts more tools for corporate IT departments to manage devices. Personally, I’m more excited about the added ability to prioritize what mail you see and the ability to distinguish notification of that email. Other new goodies include the ability to sort email by subject, sender or time and the delivery of RSS feeds to a dedicated folder, with a scrolling ticker at the bottom. The nice thing about Good is that the client can be downloaded to a number of devices, including Motorola competitors Palm and Samsung. These are all considerations Apple and the business world will have to grapple with if the folks in Cupertino hope to pry away a chunk of the market from RIM, Good and other entrenched players.

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