The Cheers for Women Just Won't Let Up

"This time it's mine" (February/March 2007) offered just the encouragement I like to hear. Being a woman and an entrepreneur myself, I sometimes feel a bit alone in this lifestyle. I admire every woman (and man) who steps out of their comfort zone to shape their life the way they want!


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"This time it's mine" (February/March 2007) was an excellent article about an excellent subject. It is time male decision-makers and investors understood the fundamental differences between men-owned and women-owned companies. These differences can lead women-owned businesses to higher growth and profits, lower employee turnover, and greater employee job satisfaction. Women-owned businesses also have lower failure rates.

I started my business 21 years ago with a background in social work. I agree with those in the story who said that women need to understand finance. I have definitely experienced difficulty and discrimination in obtaining funding. I congratulate all the women you profiled. These are great stories of accomplishment.


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I was captivated from the first paragraph of "This Time it's Mine" (February/March), where Ann Buivid described her frustration with corporate meetings—everyone talking just to prove they could speak up, oy! It is one of the key examples I provide when speaking of why I left "big agency life" and struck out on my own in 1998. I was so happy to read about other inspiring women.

Chris Perkett



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