Misery Loves Company

Can a down-and-out developer and a bunch of struggling rock stars help each other out? SunCal hopes so. The company, which is the largest privately-held developer in the Western U.S., is now giving scholarships and publicity to indie musicians as part of a new marketing campaign in a time when both the housing and record industries aren’t doing so hot.

It’s not easy to sell homes these days. So real estate marketers are pulling out all the stops, with everything from celebrity-branded projects to Second Life sales offices (I wrote a story about this a couple months ago that you can read here).

SunCal’s program, called “Music From Home,” holds a contest in a certain area. Last time it was the Antelope Valley desert, this time around it’s Orange County. Then, the company and a “distinguished group of music-minded professionals” chooses the best individual or group.

SunCal is currently in a bit of a scuffle with Disney over a low-income housing project the developer wants to build near Disneyland. Disney has gathered over 14,000 signatures to protest the development, which it says will destroy the tourism-only resort district (read about it here)

The last winners of Music From Home, an alt rock band optimistically called “The Future,” got to record an album with some producers from Capitol Records. But they never actually got signed. Bummer.

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