Goodbye, Hello

A sad exit at SmallBiz, and a promising entrance

In a few crucial respects, new magazines are like any other young companies. While a startup has little chance of success without talented, qualified people, it's the chemistry between the group that can really make or break a young company. It's not so different at this publication, which celebrates its three-year anniversary this summer. During that time, even though the staff of BusinessWeek SmallBiz has slowly expanded, we've been extremely fortunate that the same core group of writers, editors, and art and photo staff have not only stayed on board but also gotten along famously.

Now, inevitably, we're losing one of our posse. This will be the last issue art-directed by Edith Gutierrez-Hawbaker, who is leaving us to complete her master's degree. Yes, Edith has been a talented and dedicated art director, but more than that, she's also been a source of inspiration and enthusiasm for the whole team. We wish her well, and we not-so-secretly hope we'll end up working with her again someday.

There is some good news: With this issue, I'm pleased to announce that Amy S. Choi has joined the SmallBiz team as a staff writer. If her name rings a bell, that's because you've already seen some of Amy's work in this magazine. In our last issue, she reported and wrote the photo-essay about multi-generational family businesses. In the issue before that, she made use of her background covering commercial real estate to fill readers in about the pros and cons of buying office condos. She kicks off her duties here by covering eminent domain disputes in Connecticut and small hog farmers, and by penning our Smart Answers column. She's obviously a diverse talent, and one we're looking forward to working with in the future.

By Kimberly Weisul, Editor, BusinessWeek SmallBiz

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