iRobot's Scooba Dives Into Your Floors

Despite a couple flawsnamely, you might mop quicker than the Scooba performsthis product may knock one task from your hate-to-do list

Editor's Rating:

The Good: Outsources one of life's more tedious tasks

The Bad: Needs minding to get out of trouble spots, and the scrubbing can take too long

The Bottom Line: Best for big, heavily trafficked kitchens where weekly mopping is a chore

How many household chores wrinkle the nose more than the thought of mopping? Very few—at least in my apartment, where the kitchen floor regularly goes to seed, sullying my reputation as a neat guy and bucking the more spotless instincts inculcated in me by an Italian mother. So when home robotics company iRobot (IRBT) updated its Scooba floor scrubber in April, I figured a test run might hold big-time practical benefit.

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