Handling Extended Hours for Sales and Support

In order to reach a growing customer base across the country or around the world, many smaller businesses are faced with the challenge of hiring staff to take sales and support calls outside their normal business hours. To provide extended hours at a minimal cost, smaller businesses can start the day earlier and end it later by leveraging their normal in-office support hours with at-home workers. For example, you can pre-schedule one or more staff members to log-in to the system from their homes at 6 a.m. They work from their home office for several hours until another set of employees get into the office at the usual start time. When that happens, the early-start people can get some breakfast and complete their morning tasks before heading into the office to finish their work day. The same method can be used to extend hours later into the evening as well. Small businesses can easily extend their hours to take inbound calls from anywhere in the world and simply route them to the next available customer service rep—no matter whether that rep happens to be sitting at home, in the office, or even at a hotel. All you need is a computer, a phone, and an Internet connection, along with the right contact handling technology. Kevin Childs Executive Vice-President UCN Salt Lake City, Utah

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