The 2008 Election is funny, "ha ha." That's starting to feel funny "weird."

I’ve got to disagree with you on the Hillary vid, Mr. Kiley. I love the idea of an almost shot-for-shot parody of the last scene of The Sopranos, but for Clinton it showcases her biggest flaw. Unlike Bill, who comes off as corny but endearing in the video, Hillary is stiff and flat. The only person I can think of who’d be worse in this role is John Kerry. And the Celine Dion song is a terrible choice. Wow.

One other observation: With silly ads from Bill Richardson, a viral video by “Obama Girl,” and now this skit from Hilary Clinton, the 2008 presidential race is shaping up to be the most light-hearted political race, well, ever. Weird, right? In the age of YouTube, it seems, presidential candidates need to hone their comedic timing. Here’s my questions: is this a smart way to engage voters, particularly in a campaign where the candidates are effectively killing time for twelve months? Or, do videos like these just make them come off as dorky and make us feel uncomfortable, the way Al Gore riffing on the Macarena did in 1996?